About GameShark

When I first started to buy video games online I noticed a lack of rich customer experience, so I decided to build one for myself.


After the successful delivery of my first project with I decided it is time I start my own since I knew what was missing to complete the shopping journey of hard core Pro Gamers. So I decided to stick to three goals for my online store.

1. Always carry the complete range of Physical Video Games currently I am close to over 2000 video game titles that far better than what everyone else out there has.

2. Make the shopping experience better than Brick and Mortar. Yes I know what you are thinking but you can be very friendly online too.

3. Focus only on my customers not my competition. People forget that business is all about building connections and I am pretty good at keeping my word.


My final words I dedicate this to the two wonderful women in my life my daughter and my other half my beautiful wife who inspired me to push myself.

Happy shopping and let me know if I can do it better.




PS If any angel investor who is reading this I need funding to help grow my business.



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